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OM-D Photography Playground

“Do you want to go see a photo exhibition on Thursday?” asked Greta. Me, being me, only needed to hear the word photo, and I was in.

She’d been told by a friend to go see this thing and only had the address.  None of us knew what to expect so when we rounded on the old Opernwerkstätten in Berlin we were pretty surprised to discover it was actually a photo playground!  Then dismay kicked in as none of us had a  ‘real’ camera with us.

Not to fear though, this playground is a brilliant concept from Olympus to promote their new OM-D E-M5 cameras and we were loaned out two to play with including SD cards to take home with us.  The set-up was three floors with interactive art installations by twelve international artists.  The building itself  is massive with beautiful light shining through it’s windows and bouncing off the cement walls.  Must admit, the natural light was just as exciting to me as the artworks themselves.

The camera itself was a joy to play with and quite easy to handle from the get go.  The playground has been extended until the 2.06.13 so there’s still time to squeeze in a visit if you’re in Berlin (bring ID!).  

Here are some of the images from the afternoon.  


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