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{Berlin Wedding} Berenice and Cyril

Berenice and Cyril were married in Belgium.  Like so many of us, they have a love for Berlin and decided to have their wedding photo shoot here.

Everything was carefully planned in advance as they had a lot of locations they wanted to go to.  We chose the best time for the lighting, devised a schedule to be sure we fit everything in.  Everything was going to be perfect.  And then just before the shoot meeting time it began raining.  It rained and it rained.  Not just drizzle but big heavy drops of rain that splash back at you when they hit the ground.  

I was about to head out the door, I did a google check and one British forecaster said it would clear in an hour.  Oh God, I hope it’s right, I thought to myself, willing the rain away and heading out the door.   As they’d travelled for the shoot this was the only day we could do it and most places we’d chosen were outdoors.  I’ve always had great experiences with rainy weddings but this time I was nervous – this was very heavy rain.

We met as planned at Schloss Charlottenburg umbrellas in hand.  I had to improvise a lot but it’s when you improvise you often get the best results and some nice surprises.  We shot indoors at the Schloss and at a sweet little nearby cafe that the staff graciously allowed us to use.  Luckily, after pausing for a drink and considering our options, the rain died down and we ventured out into the beautiful Schloss gardens.  

Then magic happened.  The rain cleared and gorgeous sunbeams shone through the trees, sparkling off the raindrops that clung to the leaves.  As it had been warm earlier there was a fine mist in the air coming off the ground.  

We were so glad that we stuck out the rain as it ended up being the most beautiful evening in the city.  Everything was fresh, most of the tourists had gone indoors and not yet re-emerged and everything glistened fresh from the rain.  

It is with fond memories that I share these images here:



I recently asked Berenice and Cyril if they would write a testimonial, I didn’t expect the beautiful and detailed response I received so it is with great gratitude that I share it here: 

One day, as we were visiting the Castle of Charlottenburg in Berlin, my dear future husband saw a “just married” couple sitting on the grass being photographed and told me: “wouldn’t it be just fantastic to have our wedding pictures taken here as well”. First, it just sounded like a dream. Then It turned into a nightmare because we did not know any photographer in Berlin and our friends and families thought we were just crazy for even trying to find one. So we grew kind of panicky.

However, when we found Rachel via Facebook and we saw her marvellous pictures, we knew that our dream could come true. And she did everything for this experience to be just a dream. She offered us all the garantees necessary to give us a real peace of mind, we were sure it would be OK.

But we did not know then that it would be perfect. We wanted to be shot in many different places in the city we loved so much, it took a bit more than four hours, as planned, in the rain and the sun and, believe it or not, even the pictures made in the rain are just magical because Rachel is an extraordinarily talented and very creative artist. She really makes the best out of you and of the settings using the best angles, colors, black and white, black and white with just a touch of color,…

Since this fantastic experience, everybody around us is just jealous of our pictures. They all say we were right to trust Rachel with this and that she made our event absolutely unforgettable.





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