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{Stanthorpe Wedding} Skye & Anthony

Above is one of my all time favourite images taken during Skye and Anthony’s wedding.  Anthony is a farmer and Skye a vet nurse.  They both have a strong love for the land and for animals.  Prior to the wedding we discussed how important it was for them to have some images with their horses.  When their wedding day came around, however, the weather was shocking.  Rain bucketed down all day and many nearby roads were closed due to flooding. Fortuitously, right after the ceremony (held in a marquee at their home) we had a break, and just as it was getting dark we were able to bring the horses up to the back paddock and take some pictures.  

What I love about this image is how Skye is so much in her element here.  As the central figure, this image is about her.  Skye carries the now empty chaff bucket used to placate the horses.  You can sense her personality – her sense of ease, contentment and happiness in this moment despite the cold, rain and wet. Anthony also has a sense of ease and strength in this image as he guides his horse.  I love that they are wearing gumboots.  I was smart enough to bring some but not smart enough to have them on by this stage and my feet were soaking wet from the drenched earth. 

It started pouring rain again shortly after this. It rained so much that later on during the reception the marquee flooded and everyone donned their gumboots who hadn’t already. It didn’t deter anyone from partying and everyone splashed about on the dancefloor.

So many people (including some photographers) think that weddings are always exactly the same.  But every wedding is always completely different.  I am so lucky to have a job where I get to be a part of these things.

 And my stance on rainy weddings stays the same – rain always brings magic.  

I’d only intended to post one image today but couldn’t help adding a few extras from their day:

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